About us

As strange as it may seem, the job of being a Wedding Planner has its roots in Ancient Greece, when every ceremony or event always had its own special coordinator. Above all, a Wedding Planner must be well-versed in all the mechanisms that get a wedding going, and should be capable of meeting every couple’s expectations.


We have taken it a step further by expanding our experience to cover all kinds of events. We undertake to plan and organise all kinds of events, including Openings, Company Parties, Exhibitions, Presentations, Speeches, Meetings, Seminars, Reunions, Association Events, etc.


When holding an event, there are many things that need to be kept under control.


There should be an excellent level of cooperation between the different professionals involved, while the right decisions need to be taken at the right time, the ultimate goal being to satisfy both you and your guests.


Whether you are interested in specific services or products, or would like us to undertake the entire organisation, decoration and coordination of your event, we will be happy to provide you with a remarkable standard of services and results of high aesthetic value.


We plan and create wonderful moments and memories just for you!

Our source of inspiration is our love of creation!